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Wild beaches are beaches which do not have lifeguards, sometimes called undeclared, undeveloped beaches. Beaches often occur along coastal areas where wave or current action deposits and reworks sediments.

Although the seashore is most commonly associated with the word "beach", beaches are found by the sea and oceans. The sand deposit may extend well inland from the berm crest, where there may be evidence of one or more older crests resulting from very large storm waves and beyond the influence of the normal waves. At some point the influence of the waves on the material comprising the beach stops, and if the particles are small enough, winds shape the feature. Where wind is the force distributing the grains inland, the deposit behind the beach becomes a dune.

The beach profile is higher during the summer due to the gentle wave action during this season. The lower energy waves deposit sediment on the beach berm and dune, adding to the beach profile. Higher energy waves erode sediment from the beach berm and dune, and deposit it off shore, forming longshore bars. The removal of sediment from the beach berm and dune decreases the beach profile.

Beaches are the result of wave action by which waves or currents move sand or other loose sediments of which the beach is made as these particles are held in suspension. Constructive waves move material up the beach while destructive waves move the material down the beach. On sandy beaches, the backwash of the waves removes material forming a gently sloping beach. Cusps and horns form where incoming waves divide, depositing sand as horns and scouring out sand to form cusps. There are several beaches which are claimed to be the "World's longest", including Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Praia do Cassino, Fraser Island beach, 90 Mile Beach in Australia and 90 Mile Beach in New Zealand, Troia-Sines Beach in Portugal and Long Beach, Washington.

The soothing qualities of a beach and the pleasant environment offered to the beachgoer are replicated in artificial beaches, such as "beach style" pools with zero-depth entry and wave pools that recreate the natural waves pounding upon a beach. Beach nourishment involves pumping sand onto beaches to improve their health, is common for major beach cities around the world; however the beaches that have been nourished can still appear quite natural and often many visitors are unaware of the works undertaken to support the health of the beach. Such beaches are often not recognized as artificial.

Some small animals burrow into the sand and feed on material deposited by the waves. Crabs, insects and shorebirds feed on these beach dwellers. Sea turtles also lay their eggs on ocean beaches. Seagrasses and other beach plants grow on undisturbed areas of the beach and dunes.

Ocean beaches are habitats with organisms adapted to salt spray, tidal overwash, and shifting sands. Some of these organisms are found only on beaches. Examples of these beach organisms in the southeast US include plants like sea oats, sea rocket, beach elder, beach morning glory aka Ipomoea pes-caprae, and beach peanut, and animals such as mole crabs aka Hippoidea, coquina clams aka Donax, ghost crabs, and white beach tiger beetles.

Tips for Planning Weddings around the Beach

Executive summary about the Beach Weddings by Laural

It is natural to have weddings on the beach. Destination weddings are commonly staged around the seaside, typically on lovely islands. The Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Lucia and Hawaii provide phenomenal locations and romantic settings.

However, beaches aren’t limited to islands! You can celebrate your wedding ceremony within the traditional Greek way immediately after your ceremony. If you might have a wedding ceremony on the beach, you’ve got a wonderful chance to mix the modern day with all the standard. You could dress in semi-formal or casual garb, however get pleasure from a fairly traditional and religious ceremony. Whether you decide on a seaside ceremony near to house, or a vacation destination wedding ceremony, maintain in thoughts that arranging travel and accommodation for the friends is a crucial portion of weddings on the beach.

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