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Three Recommended Queen Futon Mattresses

A queen size futon mattress is as thin as regular futon mattresses, which are usually thinner than traditional bed mattresses, but has the same width and length as a regular queen sized bed. The most common futon mattresses are the cotton ones because they are inexpensive, but there is a wide range of other less popular types of futon mattresses.

Best reviewed Queen Futon Mattress:

1. Airlay Futon Mattress Queen

Amazon's number one most popular queen-sized futon mattress is the Airlay Futon Mattress, which is quite affordable at $149, is 8 inches thick, which is just enough thickness even though it is not as thick as a traditional mattress, made of 4 inches of 2.8 lbs. density Airlay Fibre foam core supported by several pure cotton batting layers, in queen size, gives you the most for your money.

2. Loft 6-inch Cotton Futon Mattress Queen

Loft is another well-known brand of futon mattresses. The futon mattress from Loft is made using combined cotton and foam, then encased in a microfiber cover.

3. Wolf UltraSleep+ Futon Mattress Queen

Another often recognized brand of futon mattresses is Wolf, also offers queen sized mattresses, the most popular of which is the UltraSleep Futon Mattress, is made up of:

o 9 inches high quality fill materials

o 8 inch case

o 5 inches of highly resilient urethane foam core

o 4 inches of Wolf Exclusive Premium cotton batting

o 7 oz. cotton twill casing

Serta Alleene Plush Queen-Size Mattress Set

Executive summary about queen mattress by soniabalogna

Great buy for the price. Arrived within the estimated delivery date. The mattress did have a weird odor to it.

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