Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Why Is The Proper Bowling Equipment Important

Executive summary about Bowling alley by Wally E Voelker

When learning how to bowl, the right equipment can make bowling a lot easier. Buying your own ball, shoes and bag is essential.

My Strike Ball:

Most fun bowlers will use a house ball to bowl both their first and second shots.

My Spare Ball:

I recommend a plastic ball. This will hook minimal and be truer when thrown. If you are right handed, move left to where you left foot is almost in the gutter. Now walk a straight line to the foul line and throw it over the center arrow. If the ball falls into the gutter before it reaches the "10″ pin, then move a little right and visa versa if you miss inside the pin. Reverse this if you are left handed. Actually I use this ball to pick up all my spares.

Proper Shoes:

Rented shoes are typically a universal shoe. They favor the beginning bowlers or bowlers who only bowl once and a while. If your interested in improving your game then I would recommend purchasing your own pair.

Practice and lessons:

Go to your local bowling establishment and ask if they offer bowling lessons.

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