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Finding One-Star Hotels Near Myrtle Beach for Bike Week

Executive summary about myrtle beach bike hotels by Kristie Lorette

Prices for hotel rooms may increase around Bike Week because of the increase in demand for one-star hotels near Myrtle Beach for the occasion.

1. Specify the dates that you are planning to stay at the hotel.

2. Find information about the one-star hotels near Myrtle Beach. Some examples of one-star hotels in Myrtle Beach include the Virginian Motel Myrtle Beach, the Southern Breeze Motel and the 3 Palms Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort.

3. Contact the hotels that meet your requirements and budget.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Executive summary about myrtle beach bike Week by Penelope Morgan

Motorcycle rides can be a source of immense exhilaration and adrenaline rush to the rider. More people around the world are starting to enjoy the thrill of racing on bikes. Motorcycle riders have the impression of being big, beefy men and sexy women, in tight leather pants and leather jackets, stylish helmets and shiny shoes. All these wild details make motorcycle racing so popular among people everywhere.

One of the most well known motorcycle racing events is the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally which is held every year in May. There is a conglomeration of vendors who sell everything from t-shirts, bike accessories, to even motorcycles. Those who don't own bikes can hire one during the Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Other events included in the plan of action are live musical performances, the famous poker run, stunt shows and of course, simple motorcycle racing. The bike week consists of most Myrtle Beach Spring Rally and Fall Bike Rally. The racing pit along the beach is called the Grand Strand.

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